A smart, tiny and portable renaming tool based on .NET 4.5 for mp3 files which analyzes the existing filename and folder structure or reads values from id3 tags. Based on the settings one can name files and folders corresponding to a given scheme and write id3 tags with only one click.

Download current version | 0.14.0122b | 113kB

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This freeware tool has been developed to rename mp3 album folders and files in a fast and efficient way. In the case of non-existing id3 tags it parses the file and folder naming structure to identify artist, title, track number and some more fields. Before renaming, one can decide for each value whether to use the data extraced from the filename or from id3 tag. The left field shows the current folder content, the right one the corresponding preview after renaming. Additionally, the automatically generated file names can be manually changed in the preview field.

An album cover can be extracted from the id3 tag and stored in a predefined filename. Individual settings can be stored and adjusted inside of an xml config file. These settings might be adapted from one folder to another, so they can be accessed via a drop-down menu. This can be helpful if the existing naming scheme is not straight forward. If selected, all file operations are logged in a textual description. It is also possible to undo the last renaming operation (this does not include the recovery of deleted files or id3 tags which have been changed).




2014-01-22 | Fixes and usability 0.14.0122b

  • fixed order of fields for tab navigation
  • fixed ordering issue of next folder navigation
  • speed-up of loading/handling a folder
  • added key shortcuts for common operations (see tooltips)
  • categorized settings
  • enabled highlighting of filename parsing
  • new setting to keep original folder name
  • blocking of user events during data processing
  • more detailed logging messages, avoidance of repetitive messages


2014-01-20 | Design and usability 0.14.0120b

  • moved editing fields and expander content (logging, settings) to a tabular view
  • new button to restore default settings


2014-01-19 | Improved features 0.14.0114b

  • new undo operation of last renaming operation
  • more logging information


2014-01-10 | Release version 0.14.0110a

  • read and write id3 tags
  • parse existing mp3 filenames
  • individual naming schemes and settings
  • instant preview of naming settings
  • one-click renaming and cleaning

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